AOL Search

An AOL is formally known as America online and it is a web portal that provides online services which is especially based on the US. An AOL search provides us Access or service to the web, images, multimedia, shopping, news and also provide a local search result. A searcher in AOL search provide matches from the web and most of the web listings come from Google and listing form the data resources also appear.

Features of AOL Search:

  • Sponsored Links: A Sponsored links are advertisements which appear at the top of the search results and based on what you are looking for. These links come from Google AdWords and if a link appears top in Google than it also appears in AO search. AOL not only provide google based sponsored links it provides those sponsored links which are only for the US.
  • Organic Links: An organic links appear below of the sponsored links and their order based on ranking as well as relevance according to the user query which is entered in AOL search. These Organic results are determined according to formula or algorithms used by search engine.
  • AOL Featured Results: An AOL has a massive content network of covering news entertainment, lifestyle, sports as well as other topics such as weather or stock quotes. Because of this sometimes AOL search display the result which shows some of this information above the organic results. This type of featured results is designed to help you in getting information that you want to access quickly by offering tailored results or content that many other users look when they use AOL search.
  • Search Suggestions: When any AOL user begins entering a query in AOL search. Than AOL provide a drop-down list which contains related searches or options below in the search box. This feature is designed to help user to save time as well as eliminate typographical errors by providing suggestions based on what user types such as if any user starts to type “piz” in search box to search for pizza than AOL search suggest users some options like pizza, pizza hut, pizza hut menu and many others suggestions.
  • Related Searches: A related searches are those links which appear in the bottom of the AOL search results. These results or terms are similar to query that you entered and it also helps in expanding as well as narrowing search results if choose one from these options than you will see new search result page with both sponsored and organic links.
  • Search History: A search history features in AOL search is accessible with search history link on the search page header and it helps us in finding recent searches.

The blank page or other problems while accessing websites on AOL search:

Sometime you may receive a blank page when you access web pages. It is not a good thing and you do not need to worry. We can fix this as well as other search related problems and you only need to follow below-given solutions one by one until you are unable to fix. If you are unable to fix this and other AOL search related problem then you can call on our toll-free number 1-844-313-5022 to get instant help or suggestion from our customer support. We are always ready to resolve or fix your problem.


  • Clear cookies, cache, history and also footprints: If any AOL user visits any website temporary internet files and cookies are stored on your computer or device to maintain a memory or history of websites that you visited. These stored files help AOL user to access information fastly but sometimes it reduces the speed of your device or computer and jam disk space. So you can free up disk space by clearing cookies, cache, history, and footprints.
  • Reset web settings: If you are unable to view web pages on the internet due to changes in browser settings then you can fix this problem easily by restoring your web settings to default.
  • Temporarily disable a firewall: Some time firewall as well as other security software installed on any device prevent or restrict device connecting to AOL service. Then you need to temporarily disable your firewall after that check you are able to connect to internet or not.
  • Enable only essential startup programs: A various programs are set to automatically start when a computer is turned on. These programs reduce the speed of computer or device and every startup programs are not important for the proper functioning of a device. So you need to enable only important startup programs.
  • Disable the proxy server in Internet Options: You can resolve or fix some problem by disabling the proxy server.
  • Enable cookies on your browser: When we visit any website temporary internet files and cookies are stored on our device to revisit. Disabled cookies in a browser some time cause or produce a blank page. So you need to enable cookies in your web browser.
  • Repair network stack list using a NetShell: A major component of establishing internet connection is build using some set of instruction which is known as TCP/IP. Sometime TCP/IP(Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) become damaged or corrupted. If you are unable to access websites after trying all of the above-mentioned solutions than we suspect TCP/IP may cause this problem. A TCP/IP is an important component of Windows operating system and you can not remove TCP/IP stack. So you need to reset TCP/IP to its original state with using NetShell utility.
  • Run Quick Restore: A quick restore feature allows us to restore the AOL system software to their default stage. It deletes all the updates downloaded in previous. This process can fix or resolve a problem occurred with AOL search.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the AOL Desktop Software: By Uninstalling AOL system or desktop software we can remove all damaged as well as non-repairable files and reinstall the software for proper functionality.
  • Run the Windows Update utility: You need to install security patches or updates to protect your device.