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An AOL stands American online and it is one of the major email service providers in the united states as well as in a other continents of the world. With a web-based, email service peoples can communicate with their family friends as well as any other known and unknown person for both business and personal communication. AOL technicians regularly improve its features and services, but still, sometimes many customers face various type of trouble. If you have any kind of trouble in using and accessing features and services of AOL and need experts assistance or help, then in this situation you can contact AOL mail tech support team through our toll-free AOL phone number. Here we have a team of independent AOL mail technicians who have skills and ability to fix any kind AOL related issues.

Features of AOL

  • Improved protection against internet threads: AOL regularly improving their protection features to protect users from internet threads
  • Spell check feature: AOL provides a spell check feature that automatically detects spelling mistakes and provides suggestions to fix
  • Account linking: AOL provides features to link the account with other accounts
  • Unlimited storage capacity: It provides unlimited storage capacity to store emails
  • Automatic updates: Users do not need to worry about updates, AOL app have the feature to automatically update.
  • Email Send and Un-send Capability: It has a feature to categorize send and un-send email that users to manage mail more efficiently
  • support POP3, SMTP, and IMAP protocols
  • AOL offers 25 MB e-mail attachment limit

Common queries asked by AOL customers

How can pin AOL app to  window 10 start menu

Follow these steps to pin AOL app to window 10 start menu

  • First, go to the window start menu
  • Then click on all apps
  • After that right click on the name of the app
  • then click on the pin to start menu

If you do not satisfy after following these steps and need human assistance, then in this situation you can contact our AOL customer service team through our toll-free AOL phone number.

How can I download and install AOL app on IOS

Follow these simple steps to download and install AOL app on IOS

  • First, open app store in your device
  • After that click on the search icon
  • Then type AOL in a search field and click to search
  • After that tap on AOL to get
  • Then enter your Apple ID
  • And finally, click on open

If you are still unable to download AOL app for IOS then immediately contact our AOL help and support team, through our toll-free AOL phone number. Here are our dedicated AOL technicians are 24*7 ready to provide assistance.

How can I delete and restore mail in AOL

Follow these steps to delete email in AOL mail

  • First, open the inbox
  • Then click on the box in front of email that you want to delete
  • And after that click on the delete icon

Steps to restore emails in AOL mail

  • First, go to the recently deleted emails
  • After that select emails that you want to restore
  • And after that click on the restore icon
How do I create Spam filter in AOL
  • First, go to the mail setting option under mail setting option
  • And after that click on the spam setting tab
  • After that enter email address that you want to block
  • Then click on the + icon
  • After that click on save settings options

Error or issues resolved by our AOL customer support

AOL provides very awesome features but sometimes it creates technical issues which are faced by AOL users. The following list shows the common issues of AOL email provider:

  • An issue in POP, IMAP, and SMTP protocols
  • A problem in analyzing and composing AOL emails
  • An AOL account advent problems
  • Problems in the register and sign out
  • Get problems in sending and receiving emails
  • Do now not capable of block unwanted emails
  • A way to get better a forgotten password
  • Unable to restore email backup
  • Problems in attachment record
  • Problems regarding upgrading the account
  • Issues whilst your AOL account hacked
  • Problems while your AOL account blocked
  • An issue in use AOL in window 10
  • AOL mail not working on iPhone
  • Difficulty in check AOL mailbox
  • AOL email delivery issues
  • AOL email server issues
  • A difficulty with AOL email account settings
  • Unable to delete aol email account permanently
  • Unable to make a new AOL email account
  • Not know how to delete how to delete AOL email account
  • cannot connect to AOL server
  • AOL internet connection problems
  • AOL search mail feature not working
  • A difficulty with AOL mail compose settings

If you have any kind of difficulty in resolving above mentioned AOL troubles or any other, then directly contact our AOL customer service team, they will help you in getting the best relevant solution.

Features of our AOL customer support team

If you are facing any of the above-mentioned problems when you are using AOL electronic mail services then Contact AOL phone number.  Our support team has the proper knowledge to handling every AOL account problems. Our AOL technical support team provide the following features.

  • We have a group of well trained and experienced AOL technicians or support team who have the capability to solve out the various AOL problems.
  • Our AOL support team instantly gives the right and reliable solution to customers problems
  • A user can 24*7  contact AOL customer service phone number to get the help from our experts
  • Our AOL phone number services are accessible from anyplace in the world.
  • Provide service with remote access if you are unable to get a proper solution to your problem on call
  • The AOL contact number is one of the best ways to find out every solution of your all problems related AOL email service
  • Our technicians listen to AOL customers query very carefully

Why dial our AOL phone number

An official AOL helpline number is only available for a paid member who paid subscription or membership charges. If you are searching for help to get assistance without paying any subscription or membership charges, then in this troubling situation you can contact AOL help and support team. Here are our AOL technicians provides assistance at a very cheapest price.

How do I contact AOL customer service by phone number

To get instant AOL assistance or help you can contact AOL mail support team through our toll-free AOL phone number. Our independent AOL tech support has skills and ability to full-fill every need of customers. So for any kind AOL help and assistance, directly dial our toll-free AOL number. Our AOL mail support team is here 24/7 ready to provides assistance and provides support at very cheapest and reliable price.

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